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Painting Contractors in Lynnwood

Purpose Painting and Coatings


About Purpose Painting and Coatings

Purpose Painting and Coatings is a sub-company of the Connolly Construction Company specializing in residential painting and coating projects. The demand from our customers was so great for our painting and coating services that it made sense for Purpose Painting and Coatings to be separated from the other construction services we offer through CCC. If you are interested in our painting options for your home's exterior or in one of our coating options for your roof to increase its lifespan give us a call today!

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Painting and Coating Process

The process of painting or coating a surface is a precise process that needs to be followed for the best possible results. Step one includes cleaning the substrate to be painted or coated. After cleaning, step two is the minor repairs and preparation phase. This would include any repairs to the substrate so that it can accept the paint or coating, such as scraping, caulking, or wood replacement. The third step of the process includes the masking and job site preparation to ensure material is only applied on intended surfaces. The fourth step of the process includes applying the coating or paint to the substrate. The final step includes the cleanup of the project site and a final completion walkaround to ensure satisfaction. 


Materials Offered 

At Purpose, we offer the highest quality paint options including our preferred options of Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams Paint Products. Outside of these two brands, we also apply materials from manufacturers such as GAF, Henries, or FreshRoof for roof coating products. 



Warranties on our projects range in time from 2-15 years depending on a number of factors including the number of coats and materials used. A typical residential home has the ability to have an exterior paint job installed with a warranty ranging from 2-6 years depending on the above-mentioned factors.


Why Choose Purpose Painting and Coatings

At Purpose Painting and Coatings we not only are able to deliver a high-quality finished project but also ensure it works well with the rest of the exterior of your home. Being a part of the larger Connolly Construction Company gives our paint project specialists access to knowledge and resources other painting contractors don't have. When it comes to painting issues on your home, most people don't realize that the peel and cracking may be due to a failure in another part of their home's exterior. Common failures include gutters, windows, or roof flashing which can all limit the life span of your paint job. Working with Purpose Painting and Coatings ensures your home's exterior is working at its peak performance to ensure your paint or coating job lasts as long as possible. 

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We are a company focused on one thing, the customer. From the initial meeting to helping you through the design and construction process, we focus on you throughout the entirety of the process. In doing so we can ensure your happiness when the project is complete.

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