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How long should gutters last before needing to be replaced?

Updated: Jan 18

The length of time a gutter system can last is determined by a number of things including the quality of materials used when originally installed and the quality of the installer's techniques for installation. With that, the average lifespan of an aluminum gutter system can last between 15-30 years depending on the above factors.

It is smart to replace gutters when installing a new roof as the two systems work together to protect your home from water damage. The gutters channel water away from the foundation of your home and into the drainage system, while the roof protects the interior of your home from water infiltration.

When installing a new roof, it is important to ensure that the new gutters are properly sized and configured to match the new roof. This will ensure that water flows smoothly and efficiently away from the home, reducing the risk of water damage to the foundation or interior of the home.

Additionally, it is a good idea to also replace any old or damaged flashing, as well as ensure proper installation of any new flashing as it helps to seal the connections between the roof and the gutters, preventing water from leaking into the home.

Overall, replacing gutters when installing a new roof is a smart investment that will protect your home and save you money in the long run by reducing the risk of water damage. Consult with a professional contractor to get an estimate of the time and cost for your specific project.

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