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How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

Updated: Jan 19

The cost of a new roof can come down to many different factors. Essentially there is a roof that can fit any person's budget, however this may not always be your best option. Scope of work, quality of materials, quality of installers and the overall experience of your roofing project all can play a factor in the ultimate cost of your new roof. Below is a list of these important areas to consider when looking at where to spend money on your roofing project:

  • Roofing Project Experience: Does a company promise to make the experience different then any other company you have talked to? Do they have the proper equipment? Do they seem to care about your home and property when talking about coming to complete the project?

  • Quality Materials: Does a company get its materials directly from a distributor directly and have them delivered to your home? Ice and water shield, synthetic underlayment, starter shingle, ridge vent, intake vents and chimney flashing are standard materials used on roof installs at Connolly Construction Company. These along with the other standard roofing materials allow for your roof to be water tight and sealed from the Pacific Northwest Environment,

  • Quality Labor: Does the company installing your roof believe in the labor they use to install the roof? Do they have pictures of installers or have reviews reflecting the work they have done?

As shown above there are many things to consider when thinking about your next roofing company. Make sure to do your research and always have a CCC roofing specialist come explain to you the differences about your specific roof with a free consultation.

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