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How to choose the right roofer?

Updated: Jan 19

Choosing the right roofer can feel like an impossible task. From the 3 hour sales consultations to the decisions about shingle color, choosing the right roofer can feel daunting. Luckily most roofing experiences don't need to feel dreadful and can be an enjoyable way for you to update the look of your home.

Choosing the right roofer comes down to a good feeling from you as the homeowner and the roofer having a few boxes checked. Below are the minimum requirements to ensure you as the homeowner are making a good choice on a roofing contractor:

  • Licensed/Bonded/Insured

  • Have Pictures of Previous work

  • Have references to talk to if requested

  • Have a website

  • Are listed on multiple websites when you search them on google

  • Have a business card

  • Have branded estimates for customers

Above are the minimum requirements for someone who is going to be a roofer. Outside of these standard requirements the biggest determining factor is how the roofer makes you the customer feel! Been comfortable and confident to ask questions throughout your roofing process will allow for the best experience possible.

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